Concussion Awareness

There are over 1 million concussions in the United States every year, and each one is different. Most concussions resolve within 2 to 4 weeks; however, if they are not properly managed, a concussion can persist for much longer. Therefore, concussions need to be properly managed from the beginning to prevent persistent post concussion syndrome.

At Carolina NeuroServices, we are experts at helping both children and adults manage physical and mental activity to prevent concussions from persisting. We utilize comprehensive neuropsychological testing to help provide appropriate treatment plans for persistent concussions. We also provide cognitive rehabilitation to improve attention, processing speed, and working memory functioning in concussed patients. We further provide psychosocial support in individual and group therapies for patients who have trouble with adjustment issues. Most recently, we are playing a central role in the evaluation of the drug streptolysin-O, which has promised to help reduce scarring and inflammation following a head injury. As the official team psychologist of the Charlotte Checkers, Dr. Ewert is familiar with the most up to date protocols for return to play after concussion.

Concussion Signs & Symptoms