Expert Testimony

Forensic neuropsychology is a fast-growing subspecialty of clinical neuropsychology in which the results of clinical neuropsychological assessments are used to address legal questions in the courtroom

There are increasing numbers of requests from attorneys and judges for forensic neuropsychologists to provide services in the legal arena by quantifying the nature and extent of cortical brain damage in industrial or automobile accidents, or neurotoxin exposures. In addition, forensic neuropsychologists are increasingly being consulted on essentially legal questions such as competency to handle personal financial and legal matters, participate in research studies, and make major medical decisions, and capacity to participate in legal proceedings, dangerousness, and insanity. Research studies involving forensic neuropsychology have increased exponentially and are projected to continue to increase. New developments in addiction neuropsychology, child and adolescent psychopathology, medical neuropsychology, and neurotoxin exposure indicate continued strong growth in forensic neuropsychology.

  • Competence to Proceed
  • Sanity at the Time of Offense
  • Mitigating Factors
  • Ability to Waive Miranda Rights
  • Disability Evaluations
  • Worker’s Compensation Evaluations
  • Guardianship Evaluations
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Expert Testimony
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