Child and Adolescent evaluations in our Charlotte practice. Our neuropsychological evaluations assess all aspects of higher cognitive (thinking) abilities, intelligence, academic and personality functioning for ADHD, verbal or nonverbal learning disability, emotional/behavioral issues, autism/Asperger’s disorder, and various neurologic conditions, such as childhood stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion and congenital neurological disorders.

  • We are also able to provide “gifted” evaluations.
  • We work closely with parents and school personnel in understanding a student’s needs, and developing a comprehensive treatment program that is well-suited to his/her individual situation. Further, we can provide in-person review of results and recommendations with parents and school personnel alike.
  • We work closely with parents and school staff toward understanding your students, and developing recommendations well-suited to their academic and emotional needs.
  • Our user-friendly reports for our clients are concise and accurate, and we offer school-wide contracts and rates.
  • For Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology services, we accept health insurance (if medically necessary) and private pay.
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