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Comprehensive, individualized, clinical and forensic Neuropsychology, caring for children, teens, adults and older adults.



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Carolina Neuroservices
The Head Injury Center, Inc.

Is a comprehensive assessment clinic offering clinical and forensic neuropsychological services.

Covid-19 Update

Dear Patients and Future Patients:

  During this time of the Coronavirus scare, we want to reassure you that we will be providing all our services through TeleHealth. At the present time, we have low volume in the office and are taking all necessary safety precautions. So, we feel client interactions is safe, assuming  social distancing. But if you feel more comfortable with TeleHealth, let us know, and we will use that platform.

  We are now open to all patients seeking mental health Services just for Covid-19 issues, such as anxiety, depression, and coping skills. If you need help, please contact us.

Take care of yourselves!

  Dr. Ewert and the staff of

  Carolina NeuroServices / The head Injury Center

What We Do

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Many known or suspected conditions can affect brain functioning, including general medical conditions, concussions, ADHD, depression, dementia, neurological disease, and neuropsychiatric disease. Its best to contact our office to see if we can help you or your loved one.

Individual & Group Therapies

We are proud to offer group therapy every Friday in our office. Our participants discuss and learn methods for improving communication skills and socialization, coping methods and goals to overcome issues that are often affected after suffering a brain injury. Contact our office to learn more on how you can join our group.

Treatment Programs

Our focus is on helping our patients achieve their goals of recovery. We individually assess and offer comprehensive programs for Brain Injury, Cognitive Rehabilitation, and Concussion Management. Let us help you or your loved one by contacting our office today.


Concussion Myths

Myth 1

Data shows loss of consciousness actually occurs in less than 10 percent of concussions. “Concussion symptoms” are fairly nonspecific. Some common symptoms include temporary dizziness, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, nausea or vomiting, fogginess in thinking, difficulty with attention and concentration, disorientation, balance problems, sleep disturbance, and irritability. That’s a lot of potential indicators, and not a single one of them, or even a certain combination of them, is 100 percent indicative of head trauma. Depression can also be a symptom of a concussion.

Myth 2

An MRI or CT scan will prove whether a concussion occurred.
A concussion injures brain cells at a microscopic level resulting in widespread release of neurotransmitters in the brain. sometimes, structural damage does occur. CT or MRI do not typically visualize these changes.

Myth 3

All concussions resolve by three months.
While treaters of concussion used to think all concussive symptoms resolve in three months, more recent research has shown that a significant percentage of concussions can persist much longer.

Roadmap to Recovery

When life takes an unexpected turn for the worse, we understand that getting back on your feet often requires assistance. For individuals who have suffered a head injury, or for those with other neurological injuries and chronic illnesses, we are here to help in adjusting back to everyday activities. After calling our office to set up an initial consultation, patients will then meet with Dr. Ewert to discuss their current situation and discuss the route to recovery. Typically, a neuropsychological evaluation is required to further address the patient’s current level of functioning. Based on the results of this evaluation, Dr. Ewert will meet with the patient to go over the results and treatment programs offered in our office.


Trusted for Life

Individualized neuropsychology through the lifespan. We are a specialized practice that focuses on personally-tailored, evidenced-based, evaluations for people of all ages (from very young children to older adults).


Our evaluations create a full picture of your child, identifying his or her unique learning, social, and emotional profile and can help us understand problems in a child’s school performance, development or behavior.

Memory Loss/Aging Adults

Adult and Geriatric neuropsychological evaluations identify a patient’s capacity for independent living, driving, and returning to school or work.


A neuropsychological evaluation is used to assess memory, attention, reasoning and other cognitive skills. Personality and mood tests can also identify if psychological factors are affected. Results of this evaluation will help identify ongoing cognitive impairment and specify what abilities have been most affected. Repeat testing can be useful to document improvement over time.

Expert Testimony

Forensic (i.e., legal) evaluations for personal injury, workers compensation, and legal capacity. Dr. Ewert also serves as an Expert Witness for both brain injury as well as legal capacity cases.

South Park Location


Caring Hearts

Concussions and Sports

As the official Neuropsychologist of the Charlotte Checkers, Dr. Ewert is familiar with the most up to date protocols for return to play after concussion.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.